a thing re | sembling a win • dow

an off-site project of Window (Re/production | Re/presentation)

Asheville Area Arts Council / Grove Arcade

May 20, 2016 – June 25, 2016

Window (re/production | re/presentation) is extremely pleased to be included as one of the curators for the Asheville Area Arts Council's Point of View series. This collective exhibition puts the practice of six local and national artists in conversation through the production of both new and re-imagined works realized in response to the conceptual framework of this ongoing public art project. Works in the exhibition include sculptural fabrications, analog photographic process as material, durational painting reproductions, screen and digital prints, found object studies, archival audio works, and performance.


Bridget Conn (Asheville, NC)

McLean Fahnestock (Nashville, TN)

Dana Hargrove (Maitland, FL)

Anna Helgeson (Asheville, NC)

Ursula Gullow (Asheville, NC)

Leigh-Ann Pahapill (Toledo, OH and Toronto, ON, Canada)


Gilles Deleuze posits in the chapter, “The Image of Thought”, from Difference and Repetition, that the most general principle of representation is the “I think”, and that we truly think only when we have difficulty recognizing. The six artists in this exhibition deeply and inquisitively engage with ideas that inform the instigation and realization of their works, leaving behind interpretive prompts to guide the viewer, yet simultaneously embracing a certain illegibility, disallowing any sort of immediately perceivable meaning to rise forth. As individually or collaboratively authored works, each grouping participates in self-reflexive dialogue around methods and modes of representation and reproduction as integral to their being – through such means as repetitive, durational gestures; material transformation and duplication; archival data assemblage and analysis; or directed investigations of image and identity. Yet, as a collective installation, these works form a distinct entity, with combined components reverberating and colliding against one another, where resemblance presupposes recognition, provoking the “I think” of representation.

A print-on-demand booklet was produced commemorating this exhibition. The catalog includes reproductions of individual artworks and installation views as well as a curator's statement and supplemental information from each artist. The booklet is available as a free, downloadable PDF and may also be purchased in print form.